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welcome to my homepage

hi! this is a personal little site for myself.. some things are still a work in progress but feel free to look around ^_^ here's where u can find me elsewhere!

things of note: all external links on my site will open in a new tab. if you're having difficulty reading, highlight the text! (it's white, so higher contrast)


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  lmk if you link to my site!! :)

this is my first attempt at writing html from the ground up, so my site is subject to have a lot of issues unfortunately. however if you have any advice or critique, feel free to leave it on my neocities profile or guestbook! it'd be super appreciated <3
i use firefox on a macbook air, so if stuff formatting-wise looks weird, thats why!

also!! please avoid hotlinking to images on my site, i'd prefer you reupload them yourself :)

─ to do
  • music player
  • journal/diary page(s)
  • shrines
  • implement spa
  • make a page for my cats
  • art page
    • fursonas page also

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