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Update Log
31/7/23 ─ been updating the last few days, but nothing major.... however, webrings & fanlistings have finally been added to my homepage!

27/7/23 ─ returning to back-to-back updates!!! (though probably not for long) i've gotten around to adding stuff to my collections page! and i'm FINALLY starting on my warriors shrine.. it's gonna take awhile though

26/7/23 ─ it's been an embarrassingly long amount of time since my last update goodness... anyway i made a bunch of small updates over the last day so yay (that's all)

4/1/23 ─ 2023!!! AHHH!!!! anyway, small updates! decided that iframes are not the way i wanna go, and am looking into SPA stuff (i am so lost but i'll get there)

30/12/22 ─ small updates! added an external links page, among some other stuff

23/12/22 ─ my gifs & images hoard is finally done!!! i finished uploading all of my current collection :] i do need to add a scroll to top button though^^

20/12/22 ─ page navigation changes!! stuff is a little messy rn but i'm working on switching everything over while keeping stuff as functional as i can

19/12/22 ─ YAAAY cool cosmetic updates: bottom corner flowers! changed/added some images, also changed site name yesterday :]

17/12/22 ─ RAHHH!!!! only small updates made and this site has only been functional for a short while but i wanna rework some stuff (everything) now that i can properly envision what i want everything to look like.. it's a lot of effort though so i might just have a small cry for the time being

13/12/22 ─ i'm not meaning to update every two days, but i'm working on this everyday & don't wanna update too much... anyway!!! various pages are making progress, not enough to point out, i just switch between working on like 5 different ones every couple minutes :,) also i managed to make this whole site as it is right now in about a week!! can you believe that!! the powers of autism and fixating on something

11/12/22 ─ finished my credits page! updated the about page a little, as well as other misc stuff

9/12/22 ─ just been cleaning up some areas! also linked my guestbook & made my links page functional!! made 88x31 button!!

7/12/22 ─ woohoo!! second update... i've completed my about, stamps, blinkies, quiz results & pagedolls, & sitemap pages! i'm still gonna decorate them a little more though (mostly with gifs... but i have to finish sorting through the several hundred i have)

5/12/22 ─ first update! the bare bones of the site are (mostly) done!! there's still a bit to clean up & add, but i should be able to start on other fun pages soon :]