✧ hot elves in UR area!!!!! ✧




i'm non-binary, genderqueer, & lesbian! i also enjoy some xenogender microlabels, as well as silly alternative flags :] those primarily being the reasons i have this section at all, i like hoarding all my little flags in one place

to note: i do not care for any lgbt+ discourse. i was deep in queer discourse in my young teen years, and have no wish to revisit it. if you don't like how i identify, don't interact with me. if you respect me, i respect you


you probably won’t find me talk about alterhumanity much, as i’m still finding the words (and getting comfortable sharing). talking about being otherkin is very new to me, despite being in (or rather observing on the outskirts of) the community for quite some years

my theriotype is a cat (surprising, i know), more specifically, an amur leopard cat! therianthropy is an ever-present part of my life and experiences, i am a cat, cat is me. i identify as otherkin/therian/alterhuman, therian is just my usual word-of-choice

again, quite bad at talking about it so i’m better at expressing this all through a bunch of images that resonate with me hehe

[i'll expand on my theriotype here]

less serious, but still yeah thats me, images


      therianthrope blinkie
autistic and kin blinkie  cat therian blinkie  catkin blinkie  i want claws blinkie
i'm otherkin blinkie  meow!!! blinkie  mrrrp!!! blinkie  non-human being blinkie
therian rights! blinkie  therianthrope blinkie