✧ hot elves in UR area!!!!! ✧


─ coding

starting off! the base of this code is originally from sadgrl's layout builder! while i recoded and altered a majority of it, credit is here still due! it helped me overcome the terrifying big blank page

design-wise, HEAVY inspiration was taken from lovely designs - layout #22! absolutely no code taken, but again, the inspiration taken here is quite clear. i think christine's web designs are so wonderful<33 it has exactly the era of "old" (late 2000s/early 2010s) web that i've always loved so SO much

another page i took inspiration from is withinmyworld's deep woods layout - version 8. i couldn't really tell you what parts in particular, but rather just the atmosphere

once again, more stuff from the lovely, christine! inspiration & some colours (again, no code) were taken from div layer layout #27 & div layer layout #38

my cursor sparkles are of course RV's tinkerbell mouse effect!

you won't notice it, but i have vukky's anti-web3 code snippet on all of my pages to fend off nasty people

i've used the BM neco font in some areas of my site (the cute font with cats holding up letters)

i owe my life to the kind souls on stackoverflow, i wouldn't be able to do half the stuff i can without that as a reference. i've also referred to W3Schools a lot, as well as used (and altered) some sample templates

and! while i didn't draw inspiration from, these neocities sites were what really pushed me to make my own site, as well as further into the endless void that is web design & development: & dokodemo.neocities


─ self-referencial inspiration that i want to mention for my own sake

  • my reblog/main tumblr, pretty straight-forward
  • my (now mostly defunct) myspace.windows93. she was much cooler in her prime... now lots of the graphics and other cool things no longer work. i would change a lot now, but i look back on it very fondly (however, i am mostly glad the site is no longer accessible<3)

─ graphics

my favicon is an edited version of the star from the lucky star logo! that, as well as other lucky star graphics, are directly from the official website

a lot of my stamps, as well as a few of my blinkies & other graphics are f2u ones from deviantart, all of which are favourited on my profile

to the best of my knowledge, all graphics i use are free use.

see a graphic that is yours/you're otherwise aware needs direct credit OR can simply not be reuploaded? please let me know! it is NEVER my intention to steal other people's work.