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Me Elsewhere

places to find me externally! if you see someone with the username lambthyme, there's a good chance it's me!

i'm currently in the process of leaving a lot of bigger socials (instagram, twitter). my accounts will stick around & i may lurk around occasionally, but i won't be posting, i'll mostly be there to interact with friends & mutual artists. i'll be staying on tumblr though (not that i post that much anyway)

please know!! i am quite bad at talking to new people, and a follow on neocities is enough for me to consider us friends:]

  • discord: mothwing_ unless your username is the same as on here, please give me a heads up before adding me, as i have messages off for non-friends
  • email:

  • primary place for my characters, art is also here. this is where i'm most active outside of neocities
  • chicken smoothie don't post here, just average cs pet collecting
  • my tumblr blogs
    • mothwiiing this is just where i reblog (mostly fandom) things, i follow from this account
    • lambthyme my art blog, i'm not terribly active & it's mostly fanart
    • bug-adjacent where i reblog bugs, nature, all the rest

  • my guestbook
  • myfigurecollection

let me know if you're adding me! i don't accept requests from randoms

  • splatoon 3 switch code: SW-6253-6335-0914
  • cookie run kingdom ign: lambthyme (pure vanilla server) my friends list is full (mostly with randoms, so i can exchange gifts) but let me know if you'd like to add me! i'll gladly make space ^_^
  • cookie run ovenbreak id: hxxmm5415 / moth#3018
  • minecraft: lambthyme (java)
  • genshin impact: please ask for my uid! (asia server)
  • honkai impact 3rd: please ask for my uid! (SEA server)
  • sky: children of the light do let me know if you'd like to add me on sky!! i'm always needing more people to send daily light to! bonus: my skykid