✧ hot elves in UR area!!!!! ✧

About Me

hii! i'm quite dreadful at talking about myself but here's some basics about me:

  • australian
  • born in 2004
  • lesbian
  • non-binary + other labels, but that's the easiest and most straightforward :]
  • autistic
  • i draw! mostly animals, particularly cats
  • my big three signs are gemini, scorpio & virgo, you can guess which is what
  • studying compsci & IT:) very unpredictable of someone on neocities i know

uhh and as for names! gemma (gem) or lorelei (lore) are fine, but feel free to just refer to me as nimravidae. subject to change </3

also i talk kinda weird with big words! i am not trying to be pretentious, i'm just autistic *thumbs up*

this cool guy here is my fursona!!! her name's jade & i love her lots :] the art is by me

About The Site

miscellaneous site related things i wish to mention!

the image on my 88x31 button is a drawing i did awhile back, i'm still really fond of it. there's a little bit of photo-collage going on with it as well!! ─>

what does my site name, nimravidae, mean? nimravidae, or nimravids, are a long-extinct family of feline relatives that lived during the mid eocene through to the early miocene. they're also referred to as false sabre-tooth cats:] i'm quite fond of them, alongside cats & their relatives. they belong to the order carnivora, and the sub-family feliformia, which includes cats, hyenas, civets, linsangs, mongooses, & the like. the guy at the top of my page is a paleoillustration of a nimravid in the genus hoplophoneus (by robert bruce horsfall)