✧ hot elves in UR area!!!!! ✧

Interests & Likes


─ special interests

my special interests consist of warrior cats & bugs (broadly), terrestrial isopods & moths/butterflies are <333.

there's a few things i enjoy in what i'd consider an autistic way, maybe a special interest? very strong interest with autisic undertones? i don't nescessarily like them more than other things, but theyre interests that really stick around. anyway those interests are:

  • collecting things.. anything really, i just LOVE LOVE LOVE to collect (and then organise) things:) it's smth i love so much about website building & coding
  • monster high
  • total drama
  • cookie run
  • natural history/nature in general!
  • visual art
  • coding/adjacent stuff

^^ i've been coding since my evil little paws could use a keyboard (age 4, zero exaggeration, i was destined to be a computer nerd thanks to a kindergarten class). i got my first laptop when i was 8 (mostly used it for moshi monsters, i wasn't that cool) and i picked up html & css back up again around age 13! since then i've just been messing around, but in the last couple years is when i realised OH i could do this as like my THING (part 2, art is also my Thing) and yeah! i'm currently learning javascript, and have learnt visual basic at school :]

─ music

some artists that i like a lot: mitski, the cure, paramore, joy division, phantogram, glass animals, gorillaz, car seat headrest, arctic monkeys, grimes (sorry), radiohead (sorry again), fiona apple, chloe moriondo, muse, duster.
i also enjoy the goth & breakcore genres as a whole

specific albums i love: eyelid movies - phantogram, touched, or been touched by - twinkle park, how to be a human being - glass animals, zaba - glass animals, am - arctic monkeys, demon days - gorillaz, this is why - paramore.

─ shows

  • total drama ★
  • amphibia
  • lucky star
  • FLCL
  • death note
  • clone high
  • BNA: brand new animal
  • miraculous ladybug
    • sorry
  • our flag means death
  • infinity train
  • neon genesis evangelion

─ not shows

  • club penguin
  • animal jam
  • moshi monsters
  • sonic
  • furby (first generation)
  • genshin impact
  • sky: children of the light
  • cookie run ★ (ovenbreak & kingdom)
  • my little pony (g3, g1, g4)

─ specific characters & pairings that i like

some of the media that these guys from i like but don't love (so i won't list it elsewhere) but some i just honestly do not like the rest of the franchise

  • ivypool ★ (warrior cats)
  • mothwing ★ (warrior cats)
  • leafpool (warrior cats)
  • hollyleaf (warrior cats)
  • doestar (warrior cats)
  • mothflight (warrior cats)
  • tawnypelt (warrior cats)
    • blossomfall & ivypool
    • mothwing & leafpool /+ nightcloud
    • hollyleaf & cinderheart
    • tawnypelt & squirrelpelt
    • thunder & lightning tail
    • additionally: micah (mothflight), fallen leaves (hollyleaf) & fernsong (ivypool) he/him lesbian realness
  • barbara gordon/batgirl (dc)
  • poison ivy (dc)
    • harlivy
  • robin buckley (stranger things)
  • roxanne wolf (fnaf)
  • funtime foxy & mangle (fnaf)
  • cadence (club penguin)
    • cadence & dot and/or ph
  • blaze the cat (sonic)
  • rouge the bat (sonic)
  • sticks the badger (sonic)
    • really any combo of female sonic characters i'll go nuts for
  • marcy wu ★ (amphibia)
  • sasha waybright (amphibia)
    • sashannarcy
  • gwen (total drama)
  • courtney (total drama)
  • izzy (total drama)
  • sky (total drama)
    • gwen, courtney, heather (any & all combos)
    • also really any combos i love stupid and weird td ships
  • joan of arc (clone high)
    • joan & cleo
  • marceline (adventure time)
    • bubbline
  • mobius (honkai impact 3rd)
  • kagami hiiragi ★ (lucky star)
    • kagami & konata
  • yanfei ★ (genshin impact)
  • baizhu (genshin impact)
  • layla (genshin impact)
  • collei ★ (genshin impact)
  • yae miko (genshin impact)
  • mona megistus (genshin impact)
  • xiao (genshin impact)
    • yanfei & kuki shinobu/hu tao/yelan/ganyu/keqing (or any combinations)
    • eimiko /+ kokosara
    • collei & fischl
    • mona & layla
  • draculaura (monster high)
  • toralei stripe (monster high)
  • catrine demew (monster high)
  • catty noir (monster high)
  • venus mcflytrap (monster high)
  • viperine gorgon (monster high)
  • batsy claro (monster high)
    • draculaura & clawdeen
    • venus & batsy
    • viperine & elissabat
    • twyla & howleen
  • pumpkin pie cookie (cookie run)
  • mocha ray cookie (cookie run)
  • matcha cookie (cookie run)
  • sorbet shark cookie (cookie run)
  • white ghost cookie (cookie run)
  • rougefort cookie (cookie run)
  • milennial tree cookie (cookie run)
  • lake (infinity train)
  • n harmonia (pokemon)
  • rainbow dash (g3 mlp)
  • cheerilee (any gen mlp)
  • rarity (g4 mlp)
  • fluttershy (/bat) (g4 mlp)

  • Likes
    • old/vintage things! such as toys, ceramics and really anything i can obtain
    • THE COLOUR GREEN!!!! wow could you ever tell!!!!
    • violets:) triple whammy here because one of my cat's names is violet and i love her dearly, violets are also so lesbian and <3333, and thirdly i just really really like them
    • the australian bush & bushwalking!
    • also cats.. but that was a given already
    • rollerblading/inline skating
    foods & drinks that i like a lot...
    • tea..
      • oolong
      • any form of chai
      • honestly most teas so long as they don't have milk (chai is the exception)
    • pandoro & panettone...
    • dark chocolate
    • ginger beer